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Headboards and Beds

Just outside of Philadelphia, Magic Sleeper offers the best quality and prices on headboards shipped right to your door. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional look; metal or wood; brass or pewter; there is plenty of selection here. Where else would you find a metal and wood combination headboard? Yes, they are available too, and in various finishes on both the wooden posts and on the metal grille. Upholstered headboards are here as well, and in sizes of twin, full, queen, California king, and Eastern king. Countless trips to the European countryside were taken to find rare antique metal beds in order to inspire and develop the new versions.

Historically, headboards were used as a barrier to drafts that were more common in older homes. That is why they were originally made of wood and were the “panel” type, and therefore less conductve than the typical stone or brick wall. Thick posts, or pillars, allowed falling colder air to draft directly to the floor instead of over the bedstead. Canopies over the bed also allowed a reduction of drafts, and in some cases, trapped in the heat from a bed warmer. This scenerio was so artfully captured in Dicken’s Christmas Carol. The advent of coal stoves in the late 1800s provided more decorative options for headboards and footboards: they no longer needed to be stricktly a shield against the cold, but could now be viewed as a decoratave accent. Metal head and footboards therefore became fashionable with open grills and ornate Victorian cast iron embellishments and porcelin or brass finials. The architectural and cultural trends of any particular period in history are uncannily and clearly present in the headboards of the time: the art deco of the 20s; the mid-century modern period of the 1950s, with minialistic lines and even influences of cubism! Who would think a head board could reflect so much?

Luckily all of these styles are still available, depending on your style. The plain “Shaker” style, the complicated Vicorian, and the sleek modern mid-century, are just a few of the options. We are also proud of our Japanese-style low headboards and beds. Our upholstered headboards have custom fabric choices- bring us (if you live in the Pottstown area) or send us your fabric or leather for your own custom upholstered headboard. There is something for everyone in twin size, full, queen, and king.